men’s shorts review: ryderwear


I’ve never been the kind of guy who spends too much on shorts, nor a guy who likes working out and buying sports clothes. However, since a couple of years ago (probably the moment I started working out), I started looking at shorts and sports equipment trying to imagine myself in those clothes. And I liked what I saw in my imagination. Since then, paying special attention to the shorts I wear both at the gym and outside of it has been very important to me. My latest shorts haul was powered by the great Ryderwear UK shop, and here are the four pairs that I bought.

  1. Arnie shorts

I have to say that this is the first pair of shorts that caught my eye. I just loved the black colour and the minimalistic font on the side – I think it’s very fashionable and also very Instagrammable. At a great price of just under $30, you have yourself excellent sports shorts that you can wear anywhere, not necessarily only to the gym. I really like the fact that they are extremely breathable and comfortable, and, one of the most important things when shorts are concerned – they dry very quickly.

  1. Power track shorts

I was also looking for a pair of shorts that I can take out at a local coffee shop with my white sneakers and still look fashionable, and I found these power track shorts which are very good. First of all, they are very appealing and fashionable, which is very important to me. They seem very durable, but I got them because they are both sporty and casual, and they have just enough pockets for my phone and wallet – one on each side and one rear zip pocket. Perfect for casual sunny days.

  1. Pro Mesh shorts

Once I saw this pair, I couldn’t decide between these ones and the power track shorts, but I loved them both so much that I just had to purchase both pairs. These Pro Mesh shorts are simply amazing – very eye-catching and totally comfortable. I trained in them and the feeling was just great. They are made with the quick-dry and cooling technology, which is very important as far as training is concerned. I don’t wear them for lifestyle purposes, as I look like a basketball player and somehow, I’m not confident enough for that look yet, but everything is a matter of preference. They look great in both situations, so if you choose to wear them out of the gym, you’d still look hella great.

4. Runner shorts

The first thing that caught my eye was the unique cut, and they come in black, which is a definite win. I tried them on and I really felt like I was in ready for my run, and I have to admit, I felt very, very sexy wearing them too. So, yes, ka-ching! These are definitely not the shorts you would wear outside of the gym – but they are definitely worth buying. My plan is to always wear them on leg or cardio days, as they are short enough to see all the muscles. And can I mention once again how sexy they are?

Buying these shorts just made me want to hit the gym more than once a day as I can’t wait to wear them all. My definite favourite is the last pair as I feel the sexiest and most comfortable when I’m wearing them (and I hope that means I look sexy to others as well!). However, any pair you choose, you won’t make a mistake – all of them are high-quality, very fashionable and most importantly, extremely comfortable.


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