modus vivendi’s new blend line

As you may or may not know, I’m passionate about fashion, specifically menswear and men’s underwear. One of my favorite designers for underwear (as well as some other statement pieces) is Modus Vivendi, a Greek company. They recently launched two new advertising and product campaigns, The Mondrian Line (inpsired by 1960s visual art) and the Blend Line (inspired by the gay leather aesthetic). This article will focus on the Blend Line, but both new lines have amazing products are definitely worth checking out.
The Blend Line advertisements were photographed by Panos Misailidis and feature models Kostas Milkas and John Kalomoiris; all photos were taken in Thessaloniki, Greece. Modus Vivendi issued the following statement about their new line:

5Modus Vivendi combines hard-edged attitude with smooth style to create the great new designs of its new Blend Line. Continuing the launch of Modus Vivendi’s autumn/winter 2015-16 clothing, this latest release offers a new and extremely sexy line of men’s underwear and outerwear. The new line comprises briefs with enhancing features, boxers and open-back briefs, as well as sporty autumn favourites, such as hoodies and jogging shorts. Leather-look materials contrast with bold colour blocks in these striking new pieces, designed for maximum comfort. The Blend Line campaign was shot on location in Thessaloniki by talented photographer Panos Misailidis, whose images powerfully reflect the tough-looking yet elegant blend that this line is all about. Combining action with sleek style, model and keen motorcyclist Kostas Milkas is accompanied by John Kalomoiris in a playfully sexy story.”

6This line includes pieces that I absolutely love, and as a whole I love the overall aesthetic. Theuse of leather/leather-like materials is super sexy and combines raw sexual energy with more formal buisness-like vibes. The line includes lots of jocks or open back underwear that are extremly sexy and fun. The actual clothing of the line is also sleek and sensual, and includes pieces like leather shorts and cool sleeveless hoodies.

The photo campaign is extremly sexy and evokes the “tough-looking yet elegant blend” that the new line expresses. A lot of the photos include very sexy men on motorcycles or in business settings, emphasizing the awesome duality of the line.

I’ve always loved Modus Vivendi and their products, and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of the products from the Blend Line! Check out the publicity campaign here and the list of products here to get some awesome and sexy new pieces for yourself.7

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