orange was served at rupaul’s dragcon

Orange is the hot new color in the LGBTQIA+ community. Rupaul’s Dragcon was attended by tens of thousands of people this past weekend (the actual numbers are expected to be sickening). Orange was the couleur du jour.

Photo credit: Will Willoughby

Orange is the new black, isn’t just a popular Netflix series. It’s one of the hottest fashion trends from the New York fashion scene. The fashionistas  say, orange has a sense of uplift and optimism, defining fun and fantasy.

Photo credit: Will Willoughby
Photo credit: Will Willoughby

Dragcon certainly had fun and fantasy by the truckloads and we spotted con-goers, special guests and exhibitors looking like a main course at a French restaurant; it was drag a l’orange, hunties.

The Dragcon organizers certainly were aware of the power of orange.

Photo credit: Brian E. Everitt

It was prominent in fonts, the step and repeat backdrops for photo opportunities and even some of the furniture had a special hint of orange.

Whether you are looking for clothing or accessories, be on the lookout for anything, everything orange and when you find it, snap it up fast. In Style magazine, recently profiled the zooming popularity of the color orange. It listed many popular orange items from various stores. We did some research and most of those peachy, carroty and tangerine treasures are already sold-out or no longer available.

Photo credit: Brian E. Everitt
Photo credit: Brian E. Everitt

Of course, you can always ask your best drag queen friend, who also happens to be able to turn out haute couture like Edith Head, to take you to the fabric store. She might just put together some copper-colored fabulousness for that late spring soiree or early summer liaison tres chaud.

Check out this exclusive qv video from Dragcon to see the power of orange in action.

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